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As I uploaded an article, Iran is the laeding country to use the internet as a coummunication tool of the society in the Middle East. The more people use the internet, the more different views reveal on the waterline. The Iranian government starts to filter the contents of the internet blogs and websites. I mentioned that the activatin of internet can contribute to bring about ‘more open society’ within Iran, however, there is another opposite response to weaken thie phenomenon. Internet surveillance is usually introduced for security reasons. Iranian government is also not exception. They try to establish the regime firmly and sustain the society stably, which gives them to have an incentive to block some resources and group activities in online. However, when we see the list of the filtered websites, there is a possibility to invade the freedom of speech. The government is filtering some students’ blogs, women activity groups and anti0-government groups. Sometimes, criticizing can create more conservative improvement if it is not oppositions for opposite. Diverse views and arguments encourage the society to proceed one step. After 9.11 terror , the importance of surviallnce has increased. However we need to balance. We should express our ideas to keep the government from dominate the online within the national boundaries. Therefore, it’s going to be interesting to observe how this censorship influences on the Iranian society and what the public’s response against that.


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