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About 2nd post(Feb.2nd)

It is very surprising to see the huge effects of internet on the all range of society including the way of election campaign. Barack Obama showed a very good example of this. He collected the most magnificant money from lots of people who supported sending him to small amount of money. How did he collect them? Of course, the internet. Obama’s campaign group was everywhere in online so that any citizens who can use computer are able to see his policy, his view about several important issues. Also citizens can ask their question to him very easily through the website, which means the internet is the most important and useful connector between voters and the candidate. Obama’s campaign group used internet not only for showing his view and image but also analyze the positions of the voters. After analyzing it, they called voters who supports Obama to encourage them to cast a vote to him. These activities had huge effects for him to be elected a president of United States. I believe, since his success, more and more candidates around the world will be willing to use the internet and online starategy to present their intense will and policy.


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