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About 3rd post (Feb. 9th)

Im also a facebook user, even though i don’t use frequently. The reason I started using facebook is that since I came here as an exchange student, a lot of my forenign friends have asked me if I have my facebook or not. (hundreds of times!!) I realized I should make my facebook if I want to be close with them. Actually Korea has her own communication website like facebook, which is quite popular among Koreans, named CYWORLD( Huge amounts of Korean people (most of them are young generations) have their own blog. We can send message, share photos, videos and information so on. However, while the Cyworld links among only Koreans, the Facebook connects a number of peoples who live in the world, which means the impact is considered very significant. Look at me. When I lived in Korea, I don’t need to have my facebook, but I (am forced to)made! Many companies are advertising their products on the Facebook so that lots of users are able to see them. It can change the way of interacting among people. Now people who have the same interests get together online and share lots of resources. We can notice important announcement or plan just sending a message to members.


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