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About 4th post (Feb. 18th)

How do  we going to develop democracy in society? I think most of people accept our society is “democratic” literarily(cause it is not communist block at all!) but when they are asked to believe if the democracy is accomplished very well in their community, I think, they should hesitate to answer “Yes”. A lot of governments are trying to draw their citizens into political isseus and encourageing them to speak up the voices. However, even though the internet is to become a useful tool to connect both, does democracy work out well? What is the democracy? It is based on the public or common agreement that anyone has to have equal chances to express themselves and equal rights  to do something. No one has dominant power over others. We can say that people are able to share information and find out others who have common interests, but in terms of the political democracy, we should do much more effort to accomplish that. If someone who has no interest in politics, it is hard to make him/her to pay attention to political issues despite using internet. People have much more interests in daily life or things that are related with themselves directly. I think, therefore, the government should support people who are making new technology or applicants to help making community and sharing information to encourage local citizens to use internet as a community place. Time is needed to make mood for all people to present their voices online. As time goes by, people are able to use internet as a ‘way of share opinions and information’ naturally and through connecting or linking among community websites, people are willing to say any opinions about social issues including political ones. From this view, I agree on the insistence of this article.


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