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About 5th Post(Feb, 21th)

What the Internet change the way of accomplishing democracy? Could we say the Internet is an innovative tool to improve democracy in that society? Well.. there are many discussions about that. Actually the opinions can be different depends on how we define the ‘democracy’.  If we define the democracy as  ‘focusing on making customers(citizens) feel pleasure like firms’, the government should treat citizens as a king or queen, which means the government should response all the citizen’s  needs. In this regards, we may say the internet helps communication between the government and the citizens more smoothly.  If we define the democracy as ‘open up civil service’ and ‘increasing citizen’s influence on decision making process’, we can think about the other side of the internet. Of course through the internet, citizens are able to talk about the political issue including the local issues and require their needs to the government, though, the government would not accept those all opinions,instead, control over the opinions. Also, because of the various angles of demands of the citizens , their power and authority could not coordinate, which means their influence could decrease in the decision making.

However, as this vedio said, it is quite apprent that the citizens are able to develop the local issue into the practical politics or policy process through the internet. Most people feel excited that their influence or role is quite huge in some field or society. Just imagine. If my voice or opinion about some issue is totally ignored and has no impact, (it means there is little possibility for my view to represent into the politics) I do not want to have interest that issue and express my opinion. It is an apathy of politics. Nowadays, through the online website, people can discuss some local issue and present to their local politician. From trivial things to important issue, they feel that they also can be member of the society who have influence on changing the society. I think it is most important development that the internet made.


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