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About 6th Post (Mar. 10)

This article shows a very interesting example of e-politics. As we learned from the lecture, the US is the leading country to prove the effects of the internet in politics. Hong kong is also being affected by the US examples. Even though the Hong kong is too small to support fund-raising to manage the websites which are made by political purpose, this article confirms that through this new media Hong kong citizens are able to participate in politics more often than before. Before 2003 election, political apathy is prevalent in the society. As I mentioned the 5th pages, most people tend not to focus on something, if it is useless or considered to have nothing to do with them. Political discussion was a common and necessary rights of the citizens in Greece very long period ago though, as the population is growing rapidly, people do not care about politics. Even if someone desires to express his/her own voice, she/he has too small power to do it. Who cares?

However, the Internet gathers huge amount of people who might have the same view , helps them coordinate into one. The power becomes greater than before so that they could convey their opinions to the real political place. This effects were shown in Hongkong in 2003. This proved effect encouraged many politiciens to announce themselves though the internet, which shows the increment of communication between the politicians and the citizens. In the election, sure-candidate who was supported by Beijing won, although pro-democrat candidate drew much attention from the citizens through the e-campaigning. However, we make sure the internet functioned to announce the pro-democrat’s view effectively. This is the huge power. I don’t want to say the positive effects of the internet in the politics but the e-politics is developing dramatically. We’ll see the way of improving.


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