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About 7th Post(Mar, 12th)

The internet is changing the way of politic in the Middle East especially Iran. The characteristics of the internet : interactivity, un-mediated and prompt process; has a huge potential power to modify the political moods. As the online campaigning has succeeded in the US, a lot of nations are affected by the story. Politicians reveal themselves through the internet more often, which can be an effective way of campaigning. Does the internet contribute to bloom democracy? This issue is quite controversial. However, I think that the internet can encourage to bring about democracy in the Iranian society. Since Iran declared the ‘republic’ in 1970s, it might be hard to make sure that she accomplished the democracy in the society. When we define ‘democracy’ as the open society for anyone who want to express their voices, there seems to be a long way left to reach the goal for Iran. After enhancing the reform of the press, the censorship of the press has increased. Also, eventhough Iran is one of the open country among the Islam nations, she is still exclusive in some part comparing the western world. Expressing their political opinions does not activate well. The internet can get rid of the barriers to feel afraid to reveal political views because of the anonymous of the internet. The interest of political issue can grow up as it is easy to find out what happened at every single time and convenient to express and get feedback one another. However, we will see how the internet influences on the Iranian politics and society in the future. That is because the internet always has the two opposite effects at the same time.


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