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About 8th Post (Mar, 26th)

It is quite obvious that expressing opinions is much easier through the internet. We are living in the information society. However, as more information accumelates, harder to select the worthy knowledge that I want. Above all, because of the anonymous of the internet, immoral or illegal resources prevail to the people through the internet. The speed is so fast that the problem is getting huge to solve. For example, few years ago several people committed suicide together in Korea, which became a huge controversial problem in the society. They got to know each other through the ‘suicide blog’ and planed to kill themselves together. The government abrutly shut the website and started to censor unappropriated resources flowing in the internet. Increasing censorship, however, put a freedom of express over the table. Last year, a blogger who was called ‘Minerva’ predicted the economic change and the stock price. As some of his prediction was right, his saying got power to influence the stock market in Korea. One day, he mentioned about the exchange rate policy of the government, which could make the chaos in the society and harm the authoroty of the government. The government concluded that this effect could harm the natural economic market. As a result, he was prosecuted. However, people using the internet criticized the government harhly as government’s action would abridge the basic right of the citizens: express freedom. Which one should we value more ?  ‘ freedom of express rights’? or  ‘ stablizing society’? This is a very tricky question. If we control too much, the internet could lose its benefits which are not found in any other media in the past. If we let the internet untouched, the quality of the information could decline and many bad things would happen as an first example that I mentioned above. This article expects the law can help to solve the problem. Is it really effective? Can the institutional reform catch up with the speed of technology renovation?


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