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About 9th Post (Mar. 26th)

Intervening privacy is emerging a big problem within the society. We do not recognize that our private information was sent to other people. This case shows a good example how the government intervene human rights and freedom of speech in online sector. I think that most renovative characteristics of the internet is ‘anonymous’. However, we can have suspicious if the internet is really anonymous media. Technology is developing dramatically. The company can track of the surfing habit of the customers so that they can accumulate the information of thair customers. They use this information to target customers to advertise their products. Even though we think that we can hide behind the monitor, we might be watched by someone. For now when Im writing this page, someone might observe what Im interested in. It’s really horrible.

Why do people speak something with courage online even though it’s not worthwhile? I believe.. because no one condems you directly whatever you speak. Many people are afraid of speaking face-to-face. Because it is direct communication. We can see how they respond observing their gestures, facial expression and voice. It is hard to avoid or neglect them when they criticize. However, in the online, we don’t need to worry about being criticized by others. Of course, we communicate more easily, more frequently using the internet, which means it is easy to respond or criticize someone’s opinion. But, at the same time, we can easily ignore that. We can avoid real ourselves. Through the internet, we believe that we are able to become a ‘third one’ or ‘new personality’. The case of Bangladesh destroys our ‘ideal’ concept of the internet. We could be chased. We could be supervised. We could be watched by some power. If the internet is under something’s control, there would not be ‘democracy’ anymore. No one would be express themselves at their will. Communication would lose its tie between citizens and the government, which encourages the citizens not to pay attention politics. Therefore, we should deliberate the possible effect if the power institutions censor online world. I accept censorship is needed in some part, but it should not be applied to large amount portion of the online activity. Educating and Campaigning is better option rather than enforcing by law and power in the long – term.


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