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About 1st post(Jan. 25th)

I think it is a very good example to show how the internet has huge influence on this society. Korea is a most leading country to use the internet as an communication tool among people. Korean government states that the reason Minerva was accused is that he confused Korean economy providing wrong information which is about government’s act to many people.

How the Minerva be able to have huge influence? Of course, it is because some of his anticipations became  real   but do you think this is the only one cause? Think about it, if there is no tool contacting  him with  people, he would not get this huge impact and his insist could not be paid attention from such a great amount of people. We could not avoid the important function of the internet in this case.

At this point, I am wondering… if it can be justified that the Minerva is accused for giving wrong information to people, which made choas in Korean economy. Unless Minerva’s posting had been popular among ‘Netizen'(people who use the internet),  expressing one’s own opinion in online would not have been a problem.(He would not be accused as well!)


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